Things to keep in mind when you fill your PAN card application

The procedure to apply for a PAN card is fairly simple, and you do not need to be a thoroughly learned man to be able to manage your way to a PAN card! Here are a few tips you’d want to keep in mind while undertaking the task of filling and submitting a PAN card application.

1. Do not use initials.

When filling your name, do not give any initials. Always prefer giving your full name. This means filling in complete words in the First name, Middle Name and Surname fields. You could easily have your application rejected if you write initials instead of the complete name.

2. Be careful; specify the PIN.

It is mandatory for you to mention the pin code of the place that you are using in your address. Your application is bound to get rejected without a pin code mentioned in it. Remember, you don’t get your PAN without specifying the PIN!

3. Be extra careful while handling the documentation

There is no way you can go wrong with proper documents. You need to give a proof of identity, and a proof of residence with your PAN card application. If you fail to provide the required documents, there is every reason or the authorities to cancel your PAN card request.

4. A word of caution for married women

Married women must use their maiden name in the application form, irrespective of their marital status.

5. As soon as you get your card, verify it.

When your PAN card is delivered to you, the first thing you should do is to verify that the name is correct in spellings. Then, confirm that the string of characters on the card (your PAN) comprises of both numerals and alphabets. You can then check the fifth character of the 10 digit alphanumeric string; it must be the first alphabet of your surname. If you have applied for a PAN card with a name of Harish Kumar, the fifth character of your PAN will be K.

I want a PAN card; how do I get it? The offline methods.

PAN card is an essential document (it is actually a card, not exactly a document) that every Indian tax payer must have to safely comply with the requirements of the government. PAN is a 10 digit string of characters, and the card bearing this number is called a PAN card. You can apply for a PAN card irrespective of whether you are employed or not. There are not even any restrictions on age, region or even nationality while applying for a PAN card. Yes, you can have a PAN card made for your new born baby. However, a parent or a guardian will have to sign the application of a PAN card in such a case. In fact, teenagers generally get their PAN cards made before they leave their undergraduate colleges! In all likelihood, you do not have a PAN card, but are definitely desirous of having one made. We intend to teach you the entire procedure to get a PAN card made for yourself in this article.

Mostly, the need of a PAN card is felt when one faces the task of filing income tax returns. Anyway, whatever the need for having a PAN card be, you would do well to have your PAN card firmly tucked inside your wallet. There are two offline routes you can pick to get to your PAN card, both equally easy and convenient.

Most Indians prefer taking the conventional route – that’s taking the help of an agent or a tax consultant who will apply for the PAN card on your behalf and charge a reasonable fee above the costs of making the PAN card for the service provided. This is perfectly fine, hundreds and thousands of Indians have their PAN cards made this way. In fact, people always try to stay away from getting involved in government run processes because of the general perception of their being loads of inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the same. This is true to a great extent as well. Naturally, tax consultants have a decent base of clients looking for their help to have PAN cards made. Just ask your tax consultant to file an application on your behalf, pay his fee, and relax as your PAN card reaches you in some weeks’ time. Of course, you still need to co-ordinate with the agent or consultant and provide him/her all the required documents.

But then, you do not need to take the first route. You can always take control in your hand and get yourself a PAN card without having to seek help from an agent. It hardly takes any considerable effort, and the whole process is as easily manageable as any you’d have indulged in. Here is the whole step by step guide, following which is a cake walk, and your self guided route to a PAN card.

Step 1

The Form

Get an application form. The form you want is coded Form 49A, and is easily downloadable from the website if the department of Income Tax. Here’s the link:

Here are a couple of more links from where you can get yourself a downloadable copy of the PAN card application form.

UTI Investor Services Ltd:,

National Securities Depository Limited:

Step 2

The Photograph

You may or may not have to take any action to complete this simple step. You will need a few passport sized photographs to complete the form. Here’s the size you should get – 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm. Ensure that the photograph is coloured, and is according to the specified size. Also, you should not get a photograph clicked where you are wearing sunglasses, or are not fully facing the camera straight in the lens. The authorities are extremely strict in these regards, and you can have your application rejected if there are problems such as these with the photographs.

Step 3

The Extra Information

When you fill Form 49A, you have to mention the code as well as the designation of the concerned Assessing Officer of the taxation department. This information is not hard to find, and can be easily had from the Income Tax PAN service centres, which are mentioned in the websites that have been stated above.

Step 4

The Documentation

You need proper documents to act as supplements with your PAN card application. You need two documents – one to prove your identity, and another to act as a proof of your residence. Here we present a list of documents that are held valid as proofs under their respective head.

Identity Proofs

Voter’s Identity Card
Driving license
Water bill
Certificate of Matriculation
School leaving certificate
Degree (must be from a recognised educational institution)
Depository account
Credit card
Ration card
Bank account
Property tax assessment order
Identity Certificate signed by an MP/ MLA/ municipal councillor/ gazetted officer

Residence Proofs

Voter’s ID
Driving license
Electricity bill
Telephone bill
Depository account
Credit card
Bank account
Ration card
Employer’s certificate
Property tax assessment order
Rent receipt

Step 5

The Form Filling

Fill the application form carefully in this last step. Now, submit it to an IT PAN service centre, or a TIN facilitation centre. You will need to give a nominal fees of Rs 65 a while submitting the application. To find the nearest centre, you can refer to the websites stated above and the lists of centres mentioned in there. Once this is done, your job is over, and you just have to sit back and relax as your application is processed. Within a month, you get your PAN card delivered to you.